Welcome to the Vancouver Island Soccer League. 

In existence since 1895, we provide an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. Happy browsing, see you at the pitch!
Division 1 - Pool: All
Lakehill FC00000000
Gorge FC00000000
Fernwood Town ET Soccer00000000
Comox Valley United00000000
Nanaimo United FC00000000
Cowichan FC00000000
Westcastle United00000000
Bays United Liquor Plus00000000
Mid Isle Mariners00000000
Victoria West FC00000000
Division 2 - Pool: All
Saanich Fusion Bandits00000000
Nanaimo United FC00000000
Prospect Lake Lakers00000000
JDF All Flows00000000
Vic West Casuals00000000
Powell River Villa00000000
Lakehill FC00000000
Gorge United FC00000000
Division 3 - Pool: All
Castaways FC00000000
FC Sagres00000000
Vic West Wanderers FC00000000
Gorge Us Guys00000000
Fred Milne Park Rangers FC00000000
SFFC Matadors00000000
Prospect Lake Lakers00000000
Prospect Lake Kal Tire Lakers00000000
Campbell River CERMAQ Golden Wings00000000
Gorge FC00000000
Saltspring Alumni00000000
Bays United FC00000000
Hellas FC00000000
Division 4 - Pool: All
Castaways Invicta00000000
Sooke United FC00000000
SFFC Squadron00000000
SFFC Spartans00000000
Zgoda Juniors FC00000000
Fernwood United00000000
Cowichan Red Arrow00000000
Nanaimo United FC00000000
SPL FC00000000
JDF Pilgrams00000000
JDF Bombers00000000
Lakehill Hooligans00000000
JDF United00000000
Bays United FC00000000
Prospect Lake Lakers00000000
Masters - Pool: All
Gorge FC00000000
Castaways Juniors00000000
UVic Alumni00000000
Fernwood Dragons FC00000000
CB Red Barn Bobcats Alumni00000000
CB Red Barn Bobcats00000000
SFFC Forest00000000
Cowichan 49ers00000000
Cowichan Steelheads00000000
SFFC Internationals00000000
Nanaimo United FC00000000
JDF Alliance00000000
Lakehill Monkey Tree00000000
Vic West H2X00000000
Bays United FC00000000
Prospect Lake Lakers00000000
Vic West Academy Dental00000000
Division U-21 - Pool: All
Cowichan United00000000
JDF U2100000000
Bays United FC00000000
Mid Isle Mariners00000000
Castaways FC00000000

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Posted 7/12/2018 Ref # 19

Listed coaches, managers and other team staff.

If, once your team is registered and listed, you might see the wrong people listed as head coach, manager etc. You can have as many as 6 team staff members for each team.
If your team staff list is wrong, please email @ visl.webmaster@gmail.com and we will get it sorted for you!

Posted 7/10/2018 Ref # 18

2018 / 2019 VISL Team Registration Form

Teams can download our 2018/2019 Team registration form HERE
Posted 6/28/2018 Ref # 14

Unattached players

Whether you are a player looking for a team or a team needing a player  (or more)
Be sure to check out our Classified Page under Resources.

Posted 6/28/2018 Ref # 12

2018/2019 Registrations

2018/2019 Registrations are now being accepted