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We have been in existence since 1895, providing an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. 

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Division 1 - Pool: All
Cowichan FC (D1)18134136152143
Westcastle United (D1)18113447212636
Lakehill FC (D1)18111640251534
Bays United Liquor Plus (D1)18101746271931
Mid Isle Mariners (D1)189274334929
Nanaimo United FC (D1)188463630628
Gorge FC (D1)186392834-621
Vic West FC (D1)1843112631-515
Comox Valley United (D1)1943122450-2615
Fernwood Town ET Soccer (D1)1812151475-615
Division 2 - Pool: All
Victoria Highlanders FC (D2)18115250272338
JDF All Flows (D2)19114443182537
Powell River Villa (D2)1812152721637
Saanich Fusion Bandits (D2)18112548272135
Lakehill FC (D2)188372926327
Nanaimo United FC (D2)187292736-923
Prospect Lake Lakers (D2)186482529-422
Gorge United FC (D2)1861112541-1619
Vic West Vintage Roofing (D2)1841132047-2713
Bays United FC (D2)1823132141-209
Division 3 - Pool: A
Prospect Lake Lakers (D3A)17131337211640
Gorge FC (D3A)1785433191429
Vantreights FC (D3A)176564032823
Campbell River CERMAQ Golden Wings (D3A)176563027323
SFFC Matadors (D3A)175573039-920
Fred Milne Park Rangers FC (D3A)1761102239-1719
FC Sagres (D3A)175392230-818
Vic West Wanderers FC (D3A)174582128-717
Division 3 - Pool: B
Gorge Us Guys (D3B)17125076205641
Hellas FC (D3B)17113348311736
SFFC Lunch Money (D3B)178363729827
Castaways FC (D3B)1774640301025
Saltspring Alumni (D3B)177464639725
Prospect Lake Kal Tire Lakers (D3B)176382535-1021
Peninsula FC (D3B)1734102842-1413
Nanaimo United FC (D3B)1710161791-743
Division 4 - Pool: A
JDF Bombers (D4A)19132448282041
SFFC Squadron (D4A)19123458213739
Zgoda Juniors FC (D4A)19114454282637
Fernwood United (D4A)1992847242329
Peninsula FC (D4A)195592136-1520
Gorge FC (D4A)1944112840-1216
JDF Pilgrams (D4A)1933131970-5112
Division 4 - Pool: B
Cowichan Red Arrow (D4B)19152262184447
Castaways Invicta (D4B)19144174175746
Bays United FC (D4B)19105449222735
JDF United (D4B)196582640-1423
Lakehill Hooligans (D4B)1941142361-3813
Prospect Lake Lakers (D4B)1932142271-4911
SPL FC (D4B)1922152176-558
Division U-21 - Pool: All
Mid Isle Mariners (U21)17103441202133
Prospect Lake Lakers (U21)1796238251333
Cowichan United (U21)176472933-422
Castaways FC (U21)176382341-1821
Lakehill (U21)165292831-317
Bays United FC (U21)1642102433-914
Masters - Pool: A
Cowichan 49ers (MA)17160167115648
UVic Alumni (MA)17160170165448
Gorge FC (MA)1790839231627
Vic West H2X (MA)178273534126
CB Red Barn Bobcats (MA)178183230225
SFFC Forest (MA)1750121936-1715
Masters - Pool: B
Lakehill Monkey Tree (MB)1710252827132
Prospect Lake Lakers (MB)179353126530
Fernwood Dragons FC (MB)178452429-528
Cowichan Steelheads (MB)178272018226
JDF Ghostfinger Alliance (MB)1741122750-2313
Castaways Juniors (MB)1724112135-1410
Masters - Pool: C
Vic West Academy Dental (MC)1972102642-1623
SFFC Internationals (MC)1963103846-821
Bays United FC (MC)1952122749-2217
CB Bobcats Alumni (MC)1936101850-3215
See Standings for All Divisions


Soccerworld Tent Sale
Soccerworld Tent Sale
Posted: 4/12/2019
Annual Soccerworld Tent Sale
Posted: 4/1/2019

VISL Cup Finals
VISL Cup Finals
Posted: 3/21/2019
4 Major Cups Host Page

VISL Footballer of the Week

Footballer of the Week:

David Ravenhill

David was the President's Award recipient at the recent VISL Banquet & Awards Night  (Holding trophy in picture with some past President's Award recipients)

Besides being a pretty stand up guy, he is a battler on the field, has strong work ethic, and has great history within the VISL & other Leagues too.
Here are some of his lifetime achievements:

1982 - UVic Vikes player

1985 – Played with Victoria Shooters

1986/1987/1989 – Went on and played with Gorge, and Victoria Vistas

1990 – Player of the Game vs Winnipeg as a Victoria Vistas player.

1991/1992 – Was on the local All-stars team as they played Chelsea, Dundee Utd, & Vancouver 86ers.

1993/1994 – Played with Vic West Div 1 and was the Division 1 MVP.

1995 & 1996 – Played Victoria Utd of PCSL - League Champions & Kennedy Cup Champions.

1997 – Awarded the VISL Wilf Sadler Award and again later in 2003.

2000 – At the age of 38, he won the Div 1 Goal Scoring Award – scoring 32 goals in an 18 game schedule. (None were PK’s) 

 **And FYI, Paul Sturrock, when he was Coach of Dundee, saw this guy play, he said that he would have been a good professional in Britain.

2001 – Start of Provincial & National run with Gorge FC

2005 – Gorge FC MVP

2008 – BC Champions with UVic Alumni Over 35’s

2009 – At age of 46, played on permit with Bays Div 1, with his son, scoring the game winning goal against Sooke.

2011 – Took Highlanders to U.K.

2011/2012 – VISL Masters MVP

2019 – Still playing with UVic Alumni at age of 55, has been team captain for all 14 years of that team existing, and scored a couple weeks back in what may be his final game at the Over 35 level.

He is one of the last original members.

2019 – An Assistant Coach with Bays Div 1.

Has been at Reynolds High School for right around 30 years as a teacher, been part of a great soccer academy, and has been instrumental in the schools success.

2019 – Has been married to Karen for 30 years.

2019 – Father to Andrew who plays in Surrey, & Adam who plays at Bays.

Congrats on being selected as Footballer of the Week


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