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We have been in existence since 1895, providing an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. 

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Division 1 - Pool: A
Lakehill FC (D1)181404543042
Westcastle United (D1)181260561542
Bays United Liquor Plus (D1)18972472034
Cowichan FC (D1)17872361331
Gorge FC (D1)18774383228
Vic West FC (D1)18729222623
Nanaimo United FC (D1)174310313515
JDF All Flows (D1)18369163815
Powell River Villa (D1)18279204813
Mid Isle Mariners (D1)1801178711
Division 2 - Pool: A
Comox Valley United (D2)181512531746
Victoria Highlanders FC (D2)181404752442
Gorge United FC (D2)181026222432
Lakehill FC (D2)18927323929
Saanich Fusion Red Blue Bandits (D2)18738323324
Fernwood Town ET Soccer (D2)18657293023
Nanaimo United FC (D2)187110304022
Hellas FC (D2)187011274721
Prospect Lake Lakers (D2)186210273620
Bays United FC (D2)18021616532
Division 3 - Pool: A
Gorge Us Guys (D3A)151230671039
Campbell River CERMAQ Golden Wings (D3A)151032291633
SFFC Forest (D3A)161024542032
Vantreights FC (D3A)16844372528
Vic West Casuals (D3A)16826261926
Cowichan Farmstore Fury (D3A)16439252915
JDF Bombers (D3A)16439254415
Prospect Lake Kal Tire Lakers (D3A)164210144614
FC Sagres (D3A)1600168760
Division 3 - Pool: B
Prospect Lake Lakers (D3B)181413481743
Gorge FC (D3B)181332471042
Castaways FC (D3B)181233452139
Fred Milne Park Rangers FC (D3B)18954342432
SFFC Matadors (D3B)186210223620
Quw'utsun FC (D3B)18558332620
Saltspring Alumni (D3B)18549253419
Vic West Wanderers FC (D3B)184311233815
Lakehill Hooligans (D3B)184113155213
JDF Blue (D3B)184113235713
Division 4 - Pool: A
Bays United FC (D4)191234592639
Fernwood United (D4)191135452636
Peninsula FC (D4)181044372134
Prospect Lake Lakers (D4)181035514133
JDF Spartans (D4)20956413232
JDF United (D4)19856373129
Zgoda Juniors FC (D4)19667383924
Pace FC (D4)206410334722
Castaways Invicta (D4)195311203218
Sooke SC (D4)202711185013
Nanaimo United FC (D4)193313225612
Division U-21 - Pool: A
Prospect Lake Lakers (U21)171223481738
Castaways FC (U21)171034412433
Mid Isle Mariners (U21)171034461733
Westcastle United (U21)17737462324
Bays United FC (U21)173212205611
Nanaimo United FC (U21)17211413777
Masters - Pool: A
UVic Alumni (MA)18180089454
Cowichan 49ers (MA)181323591841
Cowichan Steelheads (MA)181116301934
Castaways Juniors (MA)181026323232
Gorge FC (MA)17917333328
CB Red Barn Bobcats (MA)18648243122
Vic West H2X (MA)17458243517
SFFC Albion Forest (MA)182511134011
Lakehill Monkey Tree (MA)18151221718
JDF Ghostfinger Alliance (MA)18051320625
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July 2020 Update
Posted: 7/4/2020
VISL Back to play review.

COVID - League Pause
Posted: 3/14/2020
Effective immediately, all sanctioned soccer has been suspended

VISL Team Registration 2020/2021


David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary

The David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary is dedicated to the memory of a man who changed the lives of so many.

Founded by the Ravenhill family, this Bursary has been established to remember David and to give back to the community and the youth, that he loved so much.

David truly embodied the tenants of community, sport, commitment and loyalty. The way he led his life and the impact he made throughout his career epitomized these values.

Born and raised in Victoria B.C., David was a dedicated teacher and true sportsman who spent his life playing, coaching and advocating for the game he loved, in his hometown. David was deeply passionate about soccer and was never more at home than when he was on the field. David was a 40 year member of VISL (Vancouver Island Soccer League).

His experience took him to the professional ranks where he developed a reputation for his sportsmanship and class. However, David’s true impact came from his unique approach to teaching and coaching youth.

In the classroom, David was a consummate professional. He touched the lives of thousands of students over his career. He spent 30 years teaching at Reynolds Secondary School where he was the driving force in the creation of the Reynolds Center for Soccer Excellence.  This program not only helped youth develop as players, but also prepare them for life.

David was also a dedicated family man. A husband to Karen, father to sons Andrew and Adam, and brother to siblings Trish and Michael, David was a loyal man who loved unconditionally.

Your donation will allow David’s family to continue to give back and support the causes, students and the game that he dedicated his life to.

Donations can be made by clicking on the link below:
Donate to the David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary

In loving Memory of David Ravenhill.

The Ravenhill Family.

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