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  • President's Award - David Ravenhill

    President's Award - David Ravenhill

  • VISL Awards Night & Banquet

    VISL Awards Night & Banquet

Welcome To The Vancouver Island Soccer League. 

We have been in existence since 1895, providing an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website, make sure to come back regularly for updates. Oh and be sure to support our tremendous League Sponsors.

Happy Browsing And We'll
See You At The Pitch!

Standings - 2021-2022

Division 1 - Pool: A
 Lakehill FC (D1)33001019
 Victoria Highlanders FC (D1)33001149
 Vic West FC (D1)3210737
 Nanaimo United FC (D1)31111084
 Powell River Villa (D1)3111464
 Cowichan FC (D1)2101563
 JDF All Flows (D1)2101443
 Bays United Liquor Plus (D1)30217112
 Westcastle Utd (D1)3012351
 BYE (D1)0000000
 Comox Valley United (D1)2002070
 Gorge FC (D1)3003280
Division 2 - Pool: A
 Easy Touch FC (D2)3300629
 SFFC Red Blue Bandits (D2)3210737
 Gorge FC (D2)3201556
 Lakehill FC (D2)3111564
 Nanaimo United FC (D2)3111334
 Prospect Lake Lakers (D2)3021452
 Campbell River Golden Wings (D2)3012351
 JDF Hellas FC (D2)3003370
Division 3 - Pool: A
 Sooke Celtic Football Club (D3A)32101147
 Mid Isle Mariners (D3A)2200966
 Vantreights FC (D3A)2200726
 Lakehill Ekta (D3A)3111294
 Gorge Us-Guys (D3A)310214103
 SFFC GBE (D3A)3021372
 Vic West Casuals (D3A)3021362
 Bays United FC (D3A)2011231
 Peninsula FC (D3A)3012371
Division 3 - Pool: B
 Gorge FC (D3B)3210527
 Prospect Lake Lakers (D3B)3210627
 Vic West Wanderers (D3B)31201045
 Castaways FC (D3B)3111434
 Cowichan Oak FC (D3B)3111974
 JDF Kings (D3B)3111444
 Nanaimo United FC (D3B)2101693
 Salt Spring FC (D3B)2101323
 SFFC Matadors (D3B)3012051
 Lakehill Hooligans (D3B)30035140
Division U-21 - Pool: A
 Bays United FC (U21)2110424
 Lakehill FC (U21)2101343
 Nanaimo United FC (U21)2020442
 Gorge FC (U21)2011451
Masters - Pool: A
 UVic Alumni (MA)3300909
 Cowichan 49ers (MA)2110534
 Fernwood Dragons FC (MA)3111544
 Gorge FC (MA)3111564
 Cowichan Steelheads (MA)2020552
 JDF Pacific (MA)3012381
 BYE (MA)0000000
 Vic West FC (MA)2002170
Masters - Pool: B
 Prospect Lake Lakers (MB)32101337
 Castaways Juniors (MB)2200826
 CB Red Barn Bobcats (MB)3201426
 Fernwood Zgodans (MB)32011246
 JDF Old Boys (MB)2110814
 VW Thunder Kings (MB)31025103
 SFFC Intls - Keating Pizza (MB)31029133
 BYE (MB)0000000
 JDF Blue (MB)20020120
 Pace FC (MB)30032140
See Standings for All Divisions


McGavin Cup Semi Finals
Posted: 8/30/2021
Semi's are set for Sept 3 & 4.
VISL AGM Tuesday July 27
Posted: 7/20/2021
6:30 pm start beside Lakehill School

Early June Update
Posted: 6/11/2021
2021/2022 Season, McGavin Cup, & AGM Notice

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VISL Turf Field Project

The VISL hopes to complete the turf fields project at Spectrum Community School.

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David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary

The David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary is dedicated to the memory of a man who changed the lives of so many.

Your donation will allow David’s family to continue to give back and support the causes, students and the game that he dedicated his life to.

Donations can be made by clicking on the link below:
Donate to the David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary

In loving Memory of David Ravenhill.

The Ravenhill Family.