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We have been in existence since 1895, providing an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. 

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Division 1 - Pool: All
Lakehill FC (D1)14110345242133
Westcastle United (D1)1376033112227
Gorge FC (D1)1476135191627
Cowichan FC (D1)1475229111826
Bays United Liquor Plus (D1)1475239172226
Vic West FC (D1)145271722-517
JDF All Flows (D1)142661227-1512
Nanaimo United FC (D1)142392431-79
Powell River Villa (D1)141671442-289
Mid Isle Mariners (D1)130112852-441
Division 2 - Pool: All
Comox Valley United (D2)13111137122534
Victoria Highlanders FC (D2)13110260174333
Lakehill FC (D2)147252732-523
Gorge United FC (D2)147161522-722
Saanich Fusion Bandits (D2)146262525020
Hellas FC (D2)146082434-1018
Fernwood Town ET Soccer (D2)144552125-417
Nanaimo United FC (D2)145182432-816
Prospect Lake Lakers (D2)144282028-814
Bays United FC (D2)1402121238-262
Division 3 - Pool: A
Gorge Us Guys (D3A)1210205384532
Campbell River CERMAQ Golden Wings (D3A)1393126111530
SFFC Forest (D3A)137242920923
Vantreights FC (D3A)136432423122
Vic West Casuals (D3A)125161418-416
Cowichan Farmstore Fury (D3A)144372322115
Prospect Lake Kal Tire Lakers (D3A)124261324-1114
JDF Bombers (D3A)122371728-119
FC Sagres (D3A)130013752-450
Division 3 - Pool: B
Gorge FC (D3B)1410223692732
Castaways FC (D3B)14102239162332
Prospect Lake Lakers (D3B)14101335152031
Fred Milne Park Rangers FC (D3B)1484228161228
SFFC Matadors (D3B)156182030-1019
Saltspring Alumni (D3B)134362022-215
Lakehill Hooligans (D3B)1541101438-2413
Vic West Wanderers FC (D3B)153391833-1512
Quw'utsun FC (D3B)122461720-310
JDF Blue (D3B)1421111644-287
Division 4 - Pool: A
Bays United FC (D4)13101243172631
Fernwood United (D4)13101236152131
Peninsula FC (D4)1382331161526
Prospect Lake Lakers (D4)138143733425
JDF Spartans (D4)146262627-120
JDF United (D4)126152624219
Pace FC (D4)135352527-218
Zgoda Juniors FC (D4)123362528-312
Sooke SC (D4)132381437-239
Castaways Invicta (D4)1422101026-168
Nanaimo United FC (D4)1421111437-237
Division U-21 - Pool: All
Prospect Lake Lakers (U21)12100239122730
Castaways FC (U21)1382334181626
Mid Isle Mariners (U21)1382339132626
Westcastle United (U21)1343636211515
Bays United FC (U21)133281843-2511
Nanaimo United FC (U21)141112968-594
Masters - Pool: A
UVic Alumni (MA)1313006736439
Cowichan 49ers (MA)14102247133432
Castaways Juniors (MA)159152826228
Cowichan Steelheads (MA)138052516924
Gorge FC (MA)148062530-524
CB Red Barn Bobcats (MA)156362322121
Vic West H2X (MA)143471533-1813
Lakehill Monkey Tree (MA)141492053-337
SFFC Albion Forest (MA)14149929-207
JDF Ghostfinger Alliance (MA)1404101852-344
Masters - Pool: B
Prospect Lake Lakers (MB)15122157193838
Fernwood Dragons FC (MB)13101243162731
Vic West Equifaira FC (MB)1483336251127
Bays United FC Green (MB)1472543331023
FC Vic West 45's (MB)146262225-320
Bays United FC White (MB)1362539261320
CB Bobcats Alumni (MB)155283030017
SFFC Internationals (MB)154382741-1415
JDF Ghostfinger Alliance 2 (MB)1431101638-2210
Gorge FC O-45 (MB)130013262-600
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Referee Abuse
Posted: 11/26/2019
Have a watch, quite valid at times......
PFC Tourney
Posted: 11/23/2019
See poster for tournament entry information.

October Notice
Posted: 10/17/2019
Concussion testing, events, and more.

VISL Footballer of the Week

Footballer of the Week:

Tracy David 

The LIWSA would like to put forth Tracy David, Gorge FC O30A player and Vikes Women's Soccer Head Coach. 

Tracy has played with the Gorge FC O30A team for a number of seasons , and this 2019-2020 season marks her 18th season as head coach of the UVic Vikes women's soccer team.

What stands out about Tracy specifically over the last few LIWSA seasons, is her community involvement and participation in youth female soccer programming. For two years in a row she has been involved in the PLSC sponsored 'My Sport Female Soccer Day' - where she has encouraged her Vikes players to participate in mentoring young female players in a one day workshop. Similar to this event and most recent, on October 29th the same head coach and players hosted a group of 150 youth female players at Topaz-Finlayson Turf for the She Kicks Soccer Fest.

Thank you Tracy for all your participation on/off field, especially among our Vancouver Island soccer community.

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