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  • VISL Awards Night & Banquet

    VISL Awards Night & Banquet

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  • President's Award - David Ravenhill

    President's Award - David Ravenhill

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Welcome To The Vancouver Island Soccer League. 

We have been in existence since 1895, providing an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website, make sure to come back regularly for updates. Oh and be sure to support our tremendous League Sponsors.

Happy Browsing And We'll
See You At The Pitch!

Standings - 2022-2023

Division 1

 Lakehill FC (D1)121020551832
 Vic West FC (D1)12732311024
 Gorge FC (D1)12723381823
 Victoria Highlanders FC (D1)12534222718
 Westcastle - Lakers (D1)12444182616
 Nanaimo United FC (D1)12426232514
 Cowichan Axis FC (D1)12345212313
 Bays United FC (D1)12336163512
 Powell River Villa (D1)1215616258
 Comox Valley United (D1)12201011446

Division 2

 Nanaimo United FC (D2)12912271528
 Lakehill FC (D2)12822321526
 Salt Spring FC (D2)12723351423
 Prospect Lake Lakers (D2)12624261720
 Gorge United (D2)12624211720
 Campbell River SC (D2)12615231519
 Gorge FC (D2)12426202614
 SFFC Knappett Projects Bandits (D2)12327192411
 Easy Touch FC (D2)1221911467
 JDF Hellas FC (D2)12111015404

Division 3

- Pool: A
 Sooke Celtic Football Club (D3)12921371429
 JDF Kings (D3)12651171023
 Mid Isle Mariners (D3)11632211221
 SFFC GBE (D3)12615241819
 Vic West FC (D3)11605281718
 Castaways FC (D3)10523181017
 Gorge FC (D3)12516161416
 Vantreights FC (D3)12318132310
 Cowichan Oak FC (D3)1222819368
 Prospect Lake Lakers (D3)120398473

Division 4

- Pool: A
 Bays United FC (D4)12813331425
 Cook Street Utd (D4)1173126624
 Prospect Lake Lakers (D4)12723261223
 Vantreights Mates FC (D4)1162317920
 JDF Re-United (D4)12543181519
 SFFC Matadors (D4)12543191619
 Fernwood United (D4)12426252214
 Nanaimo United FC (D4)12327133111
 Lakehill Hooligans (D4)12201014406
 Cowichan Farmstore Fury (D4)120488344

Division 5

- Pool: A
 Vic West FC (D5)11110057633
 Lakehill Reds (D5)12101132831
 JDF Bulldogs (D5)1282223926
 Castaways Invicta (D5)12624311220
 Cook Street Soul (D5)1161411719
 Sooke (D5)12417182513
 Mid Isle Mariners (D5)12336212212
 Tritons (D5)1230914399
 JDF United (D5)1230916339
 W_sánec FC (D5)1200126680


- Pool: A
 Cowichan 49ers (MA)11110039333
 Vic West FC (MA)10622231420
 UVic Alumni (MA)10532311618
 Gorge FC (MA)10424172014
 Fernwood Dragons FC (MA)10406172612
 Prospect Lake Lakers (MA)10406182412
 Cowichan Steelheads (MA)1112812375
 JDF Pacific (MA)1011811284


- Pool: B
 Prospect Lake Lakers (MB)12912291528
 Castaways Juniors (MB)12822361126
 Bays United FC (MB)11812471425
 CB Red Barn Bobcats (MB)1273233924
 VW Huddy Huddy FC (MB)11425152614
 Fernwood Zgodans (MB)11425251814
 Nanaimo United FC (MB)11416212713
 SFFC Intls - Keating Pizza (MB)12417102913
 JDF Blue (MB)111194414
 Pace FC (MB)110297372
See Standings for All Divisions


Referee's needed
Posted: 10/27/2022
Become a ref ?? We will support you in more ways than 1.
David Ravenhill Celebration of Life
Posted: 10/13/2022
Friday Oct 14 & Saturday Oct 15

2022 / 2023 Key Dates
Posted: 7/31/2022
Key Dates for the upcoming 2022/2023 Season

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Hi Everyone,


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Lyle Eggen

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VISL Turf Field Project

The VISL hopes to complete the turf fields project at Spectrum Community School.

To donate, Click Here!

David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary

The David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary is dedicated to the memory of a man who changed the lives of so many.

Your donation will allow David’s family to continue to give back and support the causes, students and the game that he dedicated his life to.

Donations can be made by clicking on the link below:
Donate to the David Ravenhill Memorial Bursary

In loving Memory of David Ravenhill.

The Ravenhill Family.