League Discipline

League Discipline

Discipline Notes


When a red card is reported by a referee, the ejected player will show up in the Discipline list with a temporary default of a "tbd" game suspension, tbd fine and fine status of "to be determined".
All new red card suspensions will undergo Discipline by Review and 1 of two things will then take place;  
1)A suggested suspension will be posted.  
2)The suspended individual will be asked to attend a Discipline by Committee meeting. If that is the case, the place holder to indicate such will be 100 games, and $500.00 fine.  Those figures will be adjusted after you attend the hearing which takes place as needed.

After a  suggested suspension is posted (via discipline by review), the suspended individual has 48 hours to decide if they accept the sanctioning. If they do not accept the sanction, they are entitled to attend a discipline meeting to have their case heard. 
At this time the suggested discipline by review suspension offer comes off the table and the Discipline committee will assess the suspension at the Discipline meeting.
Should you desire a discipline meeting, please send notification to the Executive Director and you will be given further information regarding options. (Meeting by email or by phone or waiving right to attend) If you do not send in notice of attending to the Executive Director, you will not be able to have a hearing.
The discipline meeting will be with members of the VISL Board and/or other community members. 

After the Discipline Hearings, (weather it be by review or by committee) the suspension will be updated to the actual number of games.
The fine and the fine status will be updated to "owing" until paid. Fines are the standard $10.00 per game assessed.
Individuals are not permitted to participate until their fine status is updated to "paid" and after all games have been served. Individuals will be notified as to the extent of their suspension and if it is from all soccer related activity or strictly game play. (Specific game play will be determined by the Committee Chair and it could be from League, Cup, or Provincial competition)
**Please note that if a player participates and their fine has not been paid - the fine will automatically double every game they are deemed to have participated and the individuals original suspension will be doubled in length. If your name is not scratched off the team list, you will be deemed to have participated.

Players who receive a second caution in a game and are ejected will generally receive a one game suspension but this is not always the case.
In some cases, a longer suspension may be applied, especially if the player does not calmly leave the field of play once ejected or cause further disruption. (PROGRESSIVE DISCIPLINE)
If you receive two cautions in a game and are ejected and your suspension is updated to 1 game, you do not need to attend a Discipline Hearing.
If you receive two cautions in a game and are ejected and your suspension remains as "tbd" or 100 games, then you will be required to attend a Discipline Hearing.

There is a column showing games served. You can hover your mouse over this number and a box will pop up showing the dates of the games served.

Payments can be made dropping off to 811 Rogers Ave, online credit card via your team page, via etransfer to payments@visl.org  or at the Discipline meeting.  Be sure in the notes of your payment to indicate that it is a fine payment and who it is for.

Players are welcome to email vincentgreco@shaw.ca to:  
  • notify the league that they can not appear
  • provide written input in the case where they are unable to appear
  • inquire about the appealing process 

Carryover Suspensions (As of June 1/2023)



Name                                      Team                                      Left to Serve                         Competition/Reason


Andrew Prizeman                Castaways                            500                                     Attend Hearing from 2017

Aiden Pye                            Castaways                            3                                             JV Barnes / Cup

Garrett Busgrove                 JDF                                         3                                           JV Barnes / Cup

Davind Gill    Lakehill   4 Divisional & Cup

Adam Donald                      JDF                                    6 + 250                                  All & Owes Club $100.00

Charlie Nicholls   Nanaimo 500 All & Owes NUFC $250.00

Dan Edmunds                      Bays                                       6                                            Divisional & Cup

Dylan Warnberg                  Fernwood                              3                                             Divisional

Dade Schneider                    Gorge                                     3                                           Divisional

Adrian Gardner                    Gorge                                     4                                           Divisional

Sean Prizeman                     Vic West                                2                                           Divisional

Michael Raper PL 1 Cup

Evan Smith                           Lakehill                                 4                                          Divisional

Kenneth Patterson     PL 1                                              Cup

Ivica Kardum       PL   3 Divisional

Kenan Enyurekli JDF        12  Divisional & Cup

Jesse Daniels JDF 500      Attend hearing from 2022

Henry Nelson Cowichan 3 Cup

Tadhg Kelly Lakehill 2 Divisional

Alcidio Cabral PL 1 Divisional & Cup

Matt Cooke Vic West 3 Divisional & Cup

Tom Bayliss Vic West 4 Divisional

Andrew Pike Castaways 3 Divisional & Cup

Tyler Ostapovich Castaways 6 Divisional & Cup

Haden Campbell Castaways 1 Cup

Thomas Earles Castaways 3 Cup

Justin Neuffer Castaways 3 Divisional

Rylee Mitchell Nanaimo 5 Divisional

Edomiyas Demoline Mid Isle 1 Cup

Eric Gueldenstem Mid Isle 1 Cup

Hirotaka Nishikawa Mid Isle 1 Cup

Patrick Warren Prospect Lake 500 All & Owes PL $250.00

Kevin Carrigan Vantreights 1 Cup

Benjamin MacDonald Bays 1 Cup

Johnathan Hand Cook St 1 Cup

Kevin Berna JDF 1 Cup

Cole Swetlokie SFFC 1 Cup

Braedan Varney Vantreights 1 Cup

Colin Carter JDF 3 Cup

Mateo Bernaldez Lakehill 8 Cup & League

Jaron Kroad Lakehill 10 Cup & League

Sebastian Stratford Lakehill 1 Cup

Julius Etzel W_sanec 2 Cup

Dave Booth CBay 3 Cup

Ben Creswick Gorge 1 Cup

Doug Nestor Cowichan 1      Cup

Luke Massey Cowichan 1 Cup

Joshua Ray Vic West 1 Cup

Oleksandr Harapa Vic West 2 Cup

Ryan McCurdy Vic West 3 Cup

Chris Merriman Vic West 3 Cup

Dmytro Popovych Vic West 1 Cup

Rich Harold Vic West 500 Everything

David Lawes Vic West 500 Everything

Matt Cook Vic West 500 Everything


-To have a player removed after they have served their suspension, contact the League Executive Director.

-Make sure to cross off player/coach names from the team list to avoid further sanction.

-Any use of a suspended player/coach will result in a 6 month suspension.

-Any person participating while the $ is still owed will result in the suspension and fine being doubled. 

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director