Are you looking for that player to get you to the VISL Championship and beyond? You could find them here on VISL CLASSIFIEDS!

This spot will be an area for players to sell themselves as everybody is an unrestricted free agent right now.....until you sign online with your team. (Then tampering and poaching rules apply)

Do you have a video that potential coaches could look at to see where your soccer skills are at? This is where you could post and land yourself that signing. Are you a team looking for that last (or first) piece of the puzzle so you can win the division and be promoted? This is where team administrators sell their team.

(Please note that players are not to be paid and restrictions apply, so read the fine print) :)

Sign in to your account, and post away. Keep it clean, or a VISL Committee of some sort will send you an email.

Looking forward to 2021/2022 VISL Season.

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1/28/2023 Looking for a team Victoria Player looking for a Div 1, Div 2 team in Victoria Details
1/22/2023 Looking for a team Victoria Looking for a soccer team Details
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