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General Forms and Documents

  VISL 2018-2019 Key Dates Final.pdf 2018-2019 Key Dates
  Team Managers Handbook Updated February 8, 2019.pdf VISL Rules and Regulations Handbook for Team Administrators
  David Keith page.pdf The VISL / David Keith Scholarship Fund
  VISL Bylaws Revised May 2018.pdf VISL Bylaws (May 2018)
  VISL Constitution Revised May 2017.pdf VISL Constitution May 2017
  Insurance, BC Soccer certificate, April 2018-2019.pdf Insurance, BC Soccer Certificate
  BC Soccer - ITC Info.pdf International Transfer Certificates
  VISL_Gameday_Teamlist - Fillable.pdf Gameday Teamlist Option
  VISL Substitution form.pdf Division 1 & 2 Sub slips
  VISL Parental Liability Acknowledgement Fillable 2.pdf Parental Liability Form
  VISL_Player_Permit_Form - Fillable.pdf LISA Youth Callups & VISL Backup form
  VISL_Transfer_Form.pdf Transfer within VISL
  VISL_Player_Withdrawal_Form - Fillable PDF3.pdf Player Withdrawal Form
  VISL - Suspension Carryover 2018-2019.pdf Carryover suspensions (Cup & Longterm)to start the year.
  VISL team Affiliation with another team filllable.pdf Intra VISL team affiliating with another VISL team
  New Affiliation & Application Form - Fillable PDF (2).pdf 2018/2019 Team Registration Form
  VISL_A_Player_Reg_form__-DIV_1___2_.pdf Manual Registration - A Form
  VISL_B_Player_Reg_form_DIV_3_4_U-21_Masters_.pdf Manual Registration - B Form
  2018 Org Meeting Minutes.pdf VISL 2018 Organizational Meeting Minutes
  2018_Concussion_Policy_D-igital.pdf CSA Concussion Policy
League & Board Minutes

  Feb 2019 BOD Minutes.pdf Feb 11/2019 Board Meeting Minutes
  Semi Annual Cup Draw Minutes Jan 14,2019.pdf Jan 14/2019 Semi Annual/Cup Draw Meeting
  Jan 2019 BOD Minutes.pdf Jan 8/2019 Board Meeting Minutes
  2018VISLBoardMinutes.pdf VISL 2018 Board Minutes.
  2018 AGM Minutes.pdf May 28/2018 Annual General Meeting