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Posted 8/19/2019 Ref # 65

Player registration process

Aug 19/2019 – Player Registration


It is meant for players to do individually.
Should 1 person be the go to for the entire team, please realize there is a waiver to sign off.  Also, there needs to be an individual account made for each individual that has their own email and password.



1)For a player who played was registered for any team in the VISL last year…


Each player has a unique log in that is from last year.  The player must log in, then click registration, and then choose a team with the code you send them.



2)For Brand New Players entering the VISL… only if they were not registered with a VISL team last year:



*Note; your Club Registrar may be inputting all your players, please check with them before you send the Key Code to individual players to register

**Note; your registration code is given to you by the team you are going to sign for.

***Note; all team staff and players can access their team pages via the admin link at the top right of the website. 

****Note; As part of the individual player registration process, you will have to create your own user name and password. 

*****Note; Have a head shot ready for upload at the end of the registration process - you will need that to complete registration.   Poor pictures will be removed when noticed, leaving player ineligible for next game, until new picture is uploaded. (No hats, sunglasses, beers, animals, action shots, pictures of an ID card.


Simple Registration Process: Go to


1. Go to registration navigation near top of page, and then click player registration from the drop down.


2. When you get the login page, Enter your credentials from last year, or Click the 'New User' link and fill out user form (create a login and password), then fill out the rest of the registration form. Each player should have a unique login/password and the email address should be the player's email address and contact info.

 This process will be so much easier next year as your info will be in the system already.


3. For Registrar's, you will need to repeat for each player. While we do encourage players to register on their own and take away some of the burden from Club Officials, this avenue is still available to you.


4)All mandatory information must be accurate and all members are required to have their own email address.


Any questions? Please email Vince Greco at
Posted 8/18/2019 Ref # 64

Organizational Meeting Agenda Aug 19, 2019


AUGUST 19, 2019

919 Douglas St (The Strath) 7 PM





1.     Roll Call – Scott Metson


2.     Board Intro – Jake Nemec


3.     Sponsor News & Updates – Vince Greco


4.     Social Media & listing of Key Dates -  Vince Greco


5.     Financials – Jake Nemec for Dave Lawes


6.     Handbook Reminder – Scott Metson


7.     Divisional Liaisons – Scott Metson


8.     Discipline, Registration and ID Cards – Vince Greco


9.     Criminal Record Checks, Parental Liability Forms, ITC’s & Games Scheduling – Vince Greco


10. Referees – BC Soccer


11. Survey – Lee Johnson


12. McGavin Cup registration, Cup Winners Cup and All Star Games – Vince Greco


13. Masters Alignment – Jake Nemec


14. New Business


15. Questions


16. Adjournment

Posted 8/12/2019 Ref # 63

2019/2020 Referee Refresher Courses

Want to ref in the VISL for the upcoming year? 
You need to be signed up with BC Soccer, completed a course, and have a CRC on file.
We will also offer first time registrants some financial assistance as well.
Feel free to email with any questions.

Here is a list of all the Refresher Courses currently in the offering on the Island:
Sun. Aug. 25th in Sooke;
Wed. Aug 28th at Layritz;
Tue. Sep. 03rd at Layritz;
Sun. Sep. 08th in Nanaimo;
Tue. Sep. 10th in Sidney (pending); 
Thu. Sep 12th in Powell River;
Fri. Sep. 13th in Port Alberni;
Sun. Sep.15th in Duncan;
Sun. Sep.29th in Courtenay;
Sun. Oct.06th in Nanaimo;
Sun. Oct.06th in Campbell River;
No guarantee, but additional courses might be offered later if there's an urgent need.
Please keep in mind that you have to attend a Refresher to renew your registration with BC Soccer in 2020.
Go to for more details.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

Posted 8/10/2019 Ref # 62

2019/2020 KEY DATES

2019/2020 Key Dates


   Mon Aug 19/2019–Organizational Meeting(Mandatory)–7 pm Strath

Tues Sept 3/2019 – McGavin Cup tourney begins – Tues Sept 3.

Fri Sept 6/2019 – League Play begins – Div 3, 4, Masters.

Fri Sept 13/2019 - League Plays begins – Div 1, 2, U21.

Fri Sept 20/2019 - League Play begins - Over 45's.

Sun Dec 15/2019 – Last day of League games before Winter break

Mon Dec 16/2019 – Div 4 teams declare Challenge or Playoff Cup


Sat Jan 11 /2020 – All-Star Games at VISL; Div 1,2,3,4,U21,Masters 

 Mon Jan 13/2020–Semi-AGM/Cup Draw Meeting(Mandatory)–7pm Strath

Weds Jan 15/2020 – Transfer deadline

Fri Jan 17/2020 – All League play resumes

Fri Feb 7/2020 – All Cups & Playoffs begin


Sat Mar 28/2020 – Tony Grover Masters & Jackson Cup Finals. 12 & 2:30

Sun Mar 29/2020 – Challenge Cup & George Smith U21 Finals. 12&2:30

Fri Apr 3/2020 – Awards Night – Club Distrikt @ Strath

Thurs Apr 9/2020 – BC Cup Draw – Vancouver (TBA)

Fri Apr 10/2020 – Mon Apr 13/2020 – Easter Weekend

Fri Apr 17-Sun Apr 19/2020 – Prelims for BC Cup

Fri Apr 14-Sun Apr 26/2020 –Round of 16 for BC Cup

Fri May 1-Sun May 3/2020 – Quarters for BC Cup

Fri May 8-Sun May 10/2020 – Semi Finals BC Cup

Sat May 23 & Sun May 24/2020 –BC Cup Finals (Mainland) – TBD

Tues June 16/2020 – AGM – (Mandatory) – 7 pm Strath


Weds July 15/2020 – VISL Team Application & Deposit Due


Discipline Meetings: Upon Request


VISL Board Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Tues July 9/2019, Aug 13, Sept 10, Oct 8, Nov 12, Dec 10/2019.

Tues Feb 11/2020, Mar 10, Apr 14, May 12, June 10, July 8/2020.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

Posted 7/3/2019 Ref # 61

Pacific FC offer to VISL membership

PFC vs Cavalry FC

Exclusive VISL offer for players, coaches, administrators, and family members.