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COVID - League Pause

Via E-mail
March 13, 2020
Attention: BC Soccer Membership (and affiliated soccer clubs)
From: BC Soccer Association
Re: COVID-19 update

BC Soccer suspends sanctioned soccer activity regarding concerns over the spread of COVID-19
Over the last 24 hours there have been even more heightened concerns over the potential spread of COVID-19. Therefore, as of March 13, 2020, with this growing and unprecedented uncertainty surrounding this health pandemic, and in accordance with Canada Soccer’s direction, BC Soccer is directing all members and affiliated clubs to suspend all sanctioned soccer activities in the province until further notice.
BC Soccer sanctioned soccer activities include, but are not limited to, all competitions, training, practices, matches, coach and referee education and team building activities. The intent of this suspension is to limit situations of physical contact.
BC Soccer restates that the health and safety of all participants in the soccer community in BC is of the utmost importance and is central to any decision-making process. Further, in the first instance, all involved in our sport should take direction from the appropriate health authorities, including the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Ministry of Health.
To ensure the health and safety of the players, coaches, match officials and administrators in BC, BC Soccer recommends that all Youth Districts, Adult Leagues, Associate Members and Affiliated Clubs communicate to their members that they will cease operations immediately and until further notice.
BC Soccer will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by the public health authorities, government agencies and soccer governing bodies and will provide appropriate updates as things continue to unfold.
BC Soccer thanks you for your understanding while we work through this challenging and unprecedented time. We also want to take this opportunity to recognize the extra work that this decision is placing on the soccer community in BC.
Canada Soccer

- The Canadian Government (and specifically the PHAC) has assessed the public health risk associated with COVID-19 as low for the general population -
- The BC Ministry of Health has also stated that the risk to British Columbians remains low -
See below for previous memos from BC Soccer regarding COVID-19.

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All games at Westhills for the first time in VISL history.
$5.00 Cash entry. (Kids 12 and under are free)
Teams qualifying as we speak.

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Cup Brackets

Div 4 Playoff:

George Smith U21 Cup:

George Pearkes Challenge Cup:  

Tony Grover Masters Cup:

Sir John Jackson Cup:

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Semi Annual / Cup Draw Meeting


7:00 PM, JANUARY 13th, 2020


The Strath (Distrikt)




1.     Roll Call – Scott Metson


2.     Accepting of the Agenda – Jake Nemec


3.     President’s Report – Jake Nemec


4.     Executive Director / Sponsorship Report – Vince Greco


5.     Provincial Cup – Vince Greco


i.                        Funding Reminder (Crests)

ii.                      Allocations


6.     Financials – David Lawes


7.     Reminders – Vince Greco


                       i.      CRC’s, parental Liability forms

                     ii.      Permits

                   iii.      Transfer Deadline & Player Signings

                  iv.      Discipline



8.     Other Updates – Vince Greco


All Star Games

                      U21 Division

                      VISL Cup Finals


9.     Cup Draws

10. New Business


11. Adjournment

      Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

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All-Stars 2020

Here are the full details for the 2019/2020 All-star games coming up on Saturday January 11/2020 at Layritz Turf - home of Prospect Lake.

And here are the rosters for all the teams:

VISL All-Stars

Division U21

GK Torin Lightbody: Prospect Lake

D Marcel Petrazelli: Prospect Lake

D Diego Corlazzoli: Mid Isle

D Matthew Coburn: Mid Isle 

D Fraser Rideout: Mid Isle 

M Kylan Barbon: Prospect Lake 

M Kobe Chelini-Dheenshaw: Prospect Lake

M Mohammed Ibrahim: Westcastle

M Ben Chaswick: Westcastle

M Shane Brown: Mid Isle

M Brent Brown: Mid Isle

M Stephon Kriegel: Mid Isle

M Cameron Holman: Mid Isle

M Matt Brown: Nanaimo

F Nico Kahl: Prospect Lake

F Juan Rubiano: Westcastle

F Jackson Walch: Bays Utd 

F Liam Franke: Bays Utd

F Colton Katila: Nanaimo


Coach – Bill Merriman – Mid Isle

Coach – James Merriman – Pacific FC


VISL All-Stars

Division 4

GK Dekan Delaney: Bays Utd

GK James Spence: JDF Spartans

D Jonathon Lam: JDF Spartans

D Brian Hernandez: Castaways Invicta
D Alex Curtis: Bays Utd
D Rhys Wynn-Williams: Bays Utd

D Cole Robinson: Zgoda Juniors

M Paris Holland: JDF Spartans
M Gary Walsch: JDF Spartans
M Andrew Coopersmith: Castaways Invicta

M Noah Avila: Bays Utd
M Benjamin Avila: Bays Utd
M Jonny James: Zgoda Juniors

F Anthony Vieites: JDF Spartans
F Daniel StLaurent: JDF Spartans
F Jack Groucott: Castaways Invicta
F John Mossie: Bays Utd

Coach – Glen Williams – JDF Spartans

Coach – James Spence – JDF Spartans


VISL All-Stars

Division 2

GK Iain Walker: Lakehill

GK Gavin Walman: Hellas

D Craig Robertson: Hellas

D Lyle Eggen: Hellas

D Eli Mavrikos: Hellas

D Anthony Bennett: Fernwood

D Brandon Molitwenik: Bays

M Cooper Barry: Lakehill

M Drew Britton: Lakehill

M Aaron Murphy: Lakehill

M Lee Kamaretos: Hellas

M Elliot Mitrou: Hellas

M Chase Rhodes: Gorge

M Iker Navas: Gorge

M Brenden Nyhof: Gorge

M Kyle Bate: Comox

F Darcy Lenton: Lakehill

F Nick Graham: Fernwood 

Coach – Nav Jhawer – Hellas

Coach – Fernando Zilli - Hellas


VISL All-Stars

Division 3


GK Adam Guthridge: Campbell River

GK Elliot Mayer: Sooke

D Colin Rayner: Gorge Us Guys

D Luke Allen: Gorge Us Guys

D Chris Wick: Castaways 

D Kyle Hendry: Vantreights 

D Anthony Seville: Campbell River

D Nathan Denny: SFFC Forest

M Jordan French: Gorge Us Guys 

M Steve Gateley: Gorge Us Guys

M Shaun Gurney: Vic West

M Alex Thammavong: Prospect Lake

M Brenden Liudzius: Gorge FC

M Paul Grieve: Gorge FC

F John Bakowski: Gorge Us Guys

F Jordie Hughes: Prospect Lake

F Braden Varney: Vantreights 

F Christopher MacIsaac: Castaways

F Caelan MacEwan: Gorge FC

F Dylan Forsyth: Sooke 


Coach – Geoff Pakos – Gorge Us-Guys


VISL All-Stars

Division Masters

GK Rob McIntyre: UVic Alumni

GK Chris Muller: Cowichan 49ers

D Stef Olcen: UVic Alumni

D Paul Vandenboomen: UVic Alumni

D Dean Anderson: UVic Alumni

D Matt Pye: UVic Alumni

D Tyler Hughes: Cowichan 49ers

D Adam Taft: Cowichan 49ers

M Chris Langdon: Castaways Juniors

M Sean Battistoni: UVic Alumni

M Will Moore: UVic Alumni

M Dean Forbes: Juan de Fuca Ghostfinger

M George Thomas: Cowichan 49ers

M Ryan Fusick: Cowichan 49ers

M Colin Ralph: Vic West H2X

F James McQueen: Castaways Juniors

F Simon Whitfield: Bays Utd Green

F Mike Moon: UVic Alumni

F Neall Rowlings: Cowichan 49ers

F Darcy Penner: Cowichan 49ers


Coach – Moreno Stefani – Uvic Alumni

Coach – Kevin James – Cowichan 49ers

vs Fraser Valley Soccer League Masters Selects.


VISL All-Stars

Division 1

GK Darian Achurch: Cowichan

GK Ethan May: Bays Utd

D Dorian Colopisis: Lakehill

D Ryan Ashlee: Bays Utd

D Bobby Eng: Bays Utd

D Adam Ravenhill: Bays Utd

D Alex Redpath: Bays Utd

D Colin Knight: Cowichan

M Wes Barrett: Lakehill

M Tarnvir Bhandal: Lakehill

M Matt Mehrassa: Nanaimo

M Colin Jacques: Nanaimo

M Dom Colantonio: Gorge

M Kai Taylor: Powell River Villa

M Sean Young: Westcastle

M Koby Greaves: Westcastle

F Paddy Nelson: Bays Utd

F Steven Scott: Cowichan

F Blair Sturrock: Lakehill

F Keenen Colley: Westcastle


Coach – Richard Fast – Bays Utd


Fraser Valley Soccer League premier Selects.


Here are the Defending Finalists from Last Years Masters Match on the Mainland:

And your Defending Div 1 Champions from the VISL, after a solid 3-0 victory last year on the Mainland:

Feel free to come on out and check out the games.  There will be a full concession with beer/cider options upstairs in clubhouse.

There will be some tents set up in case of rainy weather, and our new partners Island Savings will have some hot chocolate and their community cruiser on site. 

Any questions, feel free to contact: 

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director