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Kjeld Brodsgaard

VISL Members and Referees;

The VISL is sad to pass on the news of the passing of a long time community member.
Former VISL player, coach, Board member, VISL President, BC Soccer President and soccer supporter Kjeld Brodsgaard has left us unexpectedly.

Kjeld was much more than just a soccer guy.  His lists of accomplishments, involvements, and sports committee's are long. More than anything else, Kjeld cared about the VISL, the game in the Province, and the people involved in it.
A family man that always had time for you. A great friend.

We ask that all teams take a moment together prior to their kickoff this weekend to have a quiet time to reflect, and to remember a man that helped this League for many years.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

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VISL 2024 Cup Draws

All games will be scheduled into the website, but here are the full brackets that will be getting updated as well.

Here is the workbook with all Draws.  Click link below.

The Sir John Jackson Cup 
The Tony Grover Masters Cup 
The George Pearkes Challenge Cup 
The George Smith U21 Cup 
The JV Barnes Div 5 Playoff Trophy

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VISL All-Stars

Congratulations to all players selected to participate in this seasons Allstar games.
A big thank-you to the coaches who solicited submissions from teams and for putting in the time to get a final roster together.
We look forward to seeing you all after the holidays, gathering in the Prospect Lake Clubhouse post games, and welcoming the Fraser Valley Soccer League for a couple games as well.
A special thank-you to all our league sponsors who make this day a good one.

VISL U21 Allstars - Saturday January 6/2024

10 am - U21 vs Division 4 

Sam Salazar                                                                        Gorge

Hamish Locke                                                                    Nanaimo

Leon Meili                                                                           Westcastle

Connor Rutherford                                                          Gorge

Aaron Henderson                                                             Nanaimo

Jude Matte                                                                         Bays

Jacob Matte                                                                       Bays

Jonathon Sykora                                                               Westcastle

Sam Calkins                                                                        Gorge

Kalem Lindstrom                                                              Nanaimo

Marshll Dadzie                                                                  Nanaimo

Jack Vallance                                                                      Bays

Martin Pisaryk                                                                   Bays

Tyler Browne                                                                        Bays

Rio Crystal                                                                           Gorge

Levi Odongo                                                                       Westcastle

Myles Bollie                                                                        Bays


Coach Toby Vallance of Bays


VISL Div 4 Allstars 

Ryan Hagreen                                                                Bays

Kevin Moore                                                                 Vic West

Joshua Dellebuur                                                           Prospect Lake

Darren Tooke                                                                Vic West

Jack Kotaska                                                                  Bays

Kyle Bowman                                                                Vantreights

Josh Larouche                                                               Cook St

Cael Husband                                                                Tritons

Cameron Bell                                                                 Vic West

Evan Maier                                                                    Cook St

Troy Almeida                                                                 Sagres

Andrew Pearse                                                              Lakehill

Marc Brulot-Sawchyn                                                     Bays

Braeden Varney                                                             Vantreights

Keegan Varney                                                              Vantreights

Liam Hodge                                                                  Vantreights

Trevor Neil                                                                    Bays

Nathaniel Hartley                                                           Tritons

Adam Almeida                                                               Sagres

Daniel St. Laurent                                                          Vic West

Coaches Riccardo Tavazzani & Jovan Radovanovic of Cook St


VISL Div 3 Allstars - Saturday January 6/2024

                    12 pm - Division 3 vs Division 2 

Simon Keating                                                                                      JDF All-Flows

Maxwell Gil                                                                                           JDF All-Flows

Tayler Johnson                                                                                     JDF All-Flows

Jake West                                                                                              Saanich Fusion

Nathan Denny                                                                                      Saanich Fusion

Jackson Walch                                                                                      Castaways

Alex Mahrt                                                                                            Castaways

David Tom                                                                                              Vantreights

Brett Livingstone                                                                                    Vantreights 

Jon Shah                                                                                                Vic West

Lucas Allen                                                                                            Vic West

Iain Walker                                                                                           Vic West

Declan O'Callaghan                                                                              Vic West

Nick McNally Dawes                                                                           Vic West

John Cowley                                                                                         Prospect Lake

Giorgios Ikonomou                                                                              JDF Hellas 

Andrew Fitzpatrick                                                                              Gorge

Philip Deignan                                                                                      Gorge

Jhon Galindo                                                                                         Cook St

Jack Walmsley                                                                                      Bays

Coaches Moosh Manshadi & Rob Stickland of Vic West 


VISL Div 2 Allstars 

Anthony Seville                                                                                    Campbell River

Jeff Cadman                                                                                          Campbell River

Keegan Phillips                                                                                     Gorge U23

Lucas Speier                                                                                          Gorge U23

Mateusz Deron                                                                                    Gorge Utd

Liam Trett                                                                                             Gorge Utd

Luke McAuliffe                                                                                     Mid Isle

Carl McNaughton                                                                                Mid Isle

Rylan Irving                                                                                           Nanaimo

Adriaan Mulder                                                                                    Nanaimo

Yilmaz Tuncel                                                                                       Nanaimo

Matt Michalopoulos                                                                           Nanaimo

Nicolas Kahl                                                                                          Prospect Lake

Spencer Cobus                                                                                     Prospect Lake

Hammish Walde                                                                                  Salt Spring

Louis Harrison                                                                                      Salt Spring

Josh Brown                                                                                           Saanich Fusion

Mitch Melanson                                                                                   Saanich Fusion

Devon Austin                                                                                        Sooke

Cody Carter                                                                                           Sooke

Coaches Carl Neibel & Brad Nixon of Nanaimo


VISL Masters Allstars - Saturday January 6/2024

2:30 pm vs FVSL Allstars (Squad TBA)

Brad Archibald                                                                     Cowichan 49ers

Darian Achurch                                                                    Cowichan 49ers

Gjoa Carr                                                                               Cowichan 49ers

Matt James                                                                           Cowichan 49ers

Neall Rowlings                                                                      Cowichan 49ers

Richard Lord                                                                         Cowichan 49ers

Steve Scott                                                                            Cowichan 49ers

Stuart Barker                                                                        Cowichan 49ers

Tyler Hughes                                                                         Cowichan 49ers

Mat Murray                                                                          Fernwood Dragons

Cooper Barry                                                                        Lakehill Masters

Shaun MacKenzie                                                                Lakehill Masters

Alex Thammavong                                                                Prospect Lake Lakers

Jordie Hughes                                                                       Prospect Lake Lakers

Paul Vandenboomen                                                           Vic West FC

Steve Gateley                                                                       Vic West FC

Ryan Large                                                                            Vic West FC

Zak Bougraine                                                                      Vic West FC

Jesse Grass                                                                            Cowichan Steelheads

Player Coach – Neall Rowlings & Coach Kevin James, of Cowichan 49ers FC


VISL Div 1 Allstars - Saturday January 6/2024

5:00 pm vs FVSL Allstars (Squad TBA)

Tarnvir Bhandal                                                           Lakehill

Goran Blagojevic                                                         Lakehill

Chris Peereboom                                                        Lakehill

Blair Sturrock                                                              Lakehill

Dylan Larratt                                                               Lakehill

Ian Whibley                                                                 Vic West

Daniel Pritchard                                                          Vic West

Salem Almardy                                                            Vic West

Niklas Hallam                                                              Vic West

Dorian Colopisis                                                          Vic West

Hatim El Azhari                                                           Gorge

Matthew Olaka                                                           Gorge

Cody Gysbers                                                              Gorge

Rees Goertzen                                                             Bays

Will Adams                                                                  Bays

Rhys Foster                                                                 Bays

Nico Cristante                                                             Powell River

Scott Brown                                                                Nanaimo

Geoff Hackett                                                              Nanaimo

Team Staff – Mark Bhopal, Sonny Sidhu, Izu Nwoba, and Wes Barrett of Lakehill

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Jamie Ackinclose

The VISL is proud to share that Jamie Ackinclose will be inducted into the Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame.
This will formally happen on Oct 28/2023 at the Delta Ocean Point Resort in Victoria.

The annual dinner of the Greater Victoria Sports Hall of Fame, will honor the following inductees:

Jamie Ackinclose (Para Soccer)
Susan Butt (Tennis)
Hilary Caldwell (Swimming)
Andy Hebenton (Hockey)

Coach / Official
Helena Myllyniemi (Archery)

Jim Cain (Lacrosse)
Ron Greene (Volleyball)
Jim Hubbard (Multi Sports)

On behalf of the VISL, from all the players loved playing with you and hated playing against you - Congratulations Jamie !!

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VISL 2023-2024 Key Dates

Here are the Key Date for the upcoming 2023/2024 season.
See below or via posting to the resources tab on the website.

Most are in stone, but some may need to be adjusted to reflect changes out of our control.
The biggest variable at this time is BC Soccer Provincial Cup and how that tournament roles out.
The draw and opening rounds are not confirmed yet. The Final is scheduled for Vancouver Island.
Our local Cup Finals are in limbo as we want to be ensure a proper transition into Provincial Cup.

2023/2024 Key Dates


Sat Aug 12/2023 – McGavin Cup tourney begins.

Weds Sept 6/2023 – Organizational Meeting (Mandatory) – Strath – 7:00 PM

Fri Sept 8/2023 – League Play begins – Div 1,2, 3, 4, Masters

Fri Sept 15/2023 - League Plays begins – Div 5, U21

Sun Dec 10/2023 – Last day of League games before Winter break

Mon Dec 11/2023 – Div 5 teams declare Challenge or JV Barnes Playoff Cup


Sat Jan 6/2024 – All-Star Games; Div 1 & Masters vs FVSL & VISL Div’s - Layritz 

Weds Jan 10/2024 – Semi AGM/Cup Draw Meeting (Mandatory) – Strath – 7:00 PM

Fri Jan 12/2024 – All League play resumes

Mon Jan 15/2024 – Transfer deadline

Fri Feb 2/2024 – Challenge, George Smith, Tony Grover & Jackson Cups begin


Sat Mar 23/2024 – George Smith, Challenge, Grover, & Jackson Cup Finals – Starlight.


Mar 27/2024 – BC Cup Draw – (TBC, on Island?) (Sun Mar 31 is Easter)

TBA – Round of 16 for BC Cup

Fri Apr 12 - Sun Apr 16/2023 – Quarters for BC Cup

Sat Apr 27/2024 – BC Cup Finals?? Vancouver Island??


Sat May 4/2024 – Banquet / Awards – Strathcona Hotel Wicket Hall – 6:00 PM  


Tues July 9/2024 – AGM – (Mandatory) – Strath – To Be Confirmed


VISL Board Meetings: 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Tues Oct 10/2023, Nov 14, Dec 12, Feb 13/2024, Mar 12, Apr 9, May 14, June 11, Aug 13