Posted 1/1/2021 Ref # 94

2021 VISL Cup Play

Happy New Year VISL members ! 
2021 has to be better, fingers crossed it will be, and we can get back on the field and continue to be safe.
Here are all the Cup Brackets.
We will do a live draw via our Facebook Page on Sat Jan 2 starting at 3 pm.

Sir John Jackson Cup - Est 1915 

Tony Grover Masters Cup Est 2000

George Pearkes Challenge Cup - Est 1983

George Smith U21 Cup - Est 2000

Div 4 Playoff - Est 1945  

We plan to update these brackets Saturday January 2 as the draw happens.

Good luck to all teams!

Posted 12/16/2020 Ref # 93

Merry Xmas, Cup Play, 2021 Return to Play

2020 was and continues to be a challenging year.
Overall, it has been quite impressive as to how all the membership has dealt with many obstacles and changes in order for us to get on the field.
There will be a league wide team admin coming out soon, keep your eyes peeled for it.
It will talk about the upcoming Cup draw we plan to do on Saturday Jan 2/2021. 
We ask for teams to declare entry into Cup play for this current season. (Declare by Thursday Dec 24/2020)
If we are permitted to return to play, we plan on getting Cup play integrated with league play where possible.

Business aside, hopefully many are able to spend time with families and enjoy the break.

Santa fired us a message in advance of Xmas as many of us were not able to go visit him this year.
Hopefully it comes through and you are able to watch it.

Merry Xmas and happy New Year !!

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

Posted 12/4/2020 Ref # 92

Cees Van Delft

Cees passed away unexpectedly at age 67 at the Cardiac Care unit of the Jubilee Hospital. Cees was born in Wormerveer, The Netherlands. He moved to Victoria at 22 to work as a watch/clock repairman. Soccer was a life long activity for Cees. We were so fortunate to have him in our lives.

He joined the Oak Bay Soccer Club as a player and helped run the clubhouse, then the Gorge Soccer Club mostly with the Gorge Old Timers.  Cees was a former VISL board member and served for many years.  Cees was also a long time employee of Bartle & Gibson.
During his tenure as Director, He was the Registrar before it was so computer driven. Cees worked tirelessly for the game and there was no task that was too small that he did not volunteer for.  He was thorough in his actions when it came to dealing with investigating questionable events/occurrences within the VISL. For this, he earned the title of the "Inspector".  A classic Cees story is the efforts he went through to ensure that the truth came out when a team claimed that the roads were so bad that they could not travel to play a game up island.  Rumour had it that the team was short of players and trying to get out of a forfeit.  But Cees was on the case and contacted the Canadian Weather Bureau and the local RCMP detachments for reports on road condition only to discover that there was not issues with snow or any other condition that would make the roads unsafe to travel on.   And then there was the time that a team claimed a flat tire……….
Cees was always involved in setting up events like our local Allstar games and BC Soccer Provincial Cups. He just enjoyed the fun and banter - he was our leader for the Signs Committee......mostly because he was one of the few guys that didn't whine about the job, and just got it done. 
Cees continued to volunteer for VISL events;  even after stepping back as a Director.  He also volunteered as a driver for the U19 Women’s World Cup and later the U20 Men’s World Cup events hosted in Victoria and even took a week off work for each of those events.
Never one to self promote or take the spotlight, just a damn good guy that everybody liked.

Cees is survived by his wife Debbie, his children Dries (Katie) and Mieke, granddaughters Alena and Zoey. To the health workers who supported Cees, and many friends supporting the family at this difficult time, heartfelt thanks. No service at this time.

Posted 11/20/2020 Ref # 90

November 20/2020 UPDATE

All VISL Membership (players and team admin)

The past 19 hours have been interesting, and difficult to navigate through, but we are pretty close to having a temporary resolve.
As you all probably know, there were some Provincial Orders put in place as of midnight last night, so we are working through all the changes. There has been some challenges with some of the wording, so we are making decisions on what we feel is safest for membership - while staying within the guidelines.
We will continue on with the season as has been authorized by the Medical Professionals of the Province as well as our governing body ViaSport. (and BC Soccer)

What will change for us all is travel. Effective immediately, we will be postponing games that require the longer distance travel.
That has been very subjective in the recent announcements, so what we will do as a League - try to stay within communities as much as possible. That statement is very subjective as well and there are many versions of what "communities" is, so we will error on the side of caution and update the website as needed. There has been many changes already, apologies if your phone was not on mute and you received the notifications early this morning/late last night
Please check out the website and see the changes, there has been quite a few. Team admin, let me know if you see something that is out of the normal. (like revised game times/venues etc)

So while we are staying within communities as per recommendations from the authorities, we still concede that some players/teams may not feel comfortable in playing. You all will need to make that decision. If a game is posted as active and ready to play, we would expect the game to go on as scheduled. Should your team not feel comfortable in playing, please send me an email. As a group, we will listen to your concerns and make a determination as to the outcome. On a regular community game, 3 points will be assessed regardless. Everything after that will be looked at on a case by case basis. Please remember though, there are others involved and plenty of other aspects involved in organizing a game. (Referees, fields etc)

As we move forward, there are a couple other things we need to highlight from the presser yesterday, adding in the communication I sent out earlier this week.

1)Masks - wear them on the sidelines. Is simple, just wear them.

2)Fans - none at all. Permit holders for games, sorry, but you need to be active here. 
Lets help control the spread as this has been specifically noted as an area of concern. 
Before we get shut down, let these people (and your family and friends) know that they should not be at the game as a spectator.
If I am at a game, I will make sure to let people know. If bylaw enforcement needs to be called, so be it. It is tough not to be at games, but we want them to at least go on - safely and responsibly. I will be working some and try to share updates whenever I can. I will also share updates when they are sent in. We also have a fabulous photographer who has been working games.......that is all we can do right now.

3)Team Lists and Contract Tracing:
I hope the team admin understand how important this is.  
Besides printing out a team list that is specific to your game (so not using a generic one) from the website, away teams MUST supply the home team an email listing of attending team members and personnel. This can be given to the ref to hand over with the regular team list or you can give to the home team. If this does not happen, teams will be sanctioned. If it happens again, the VISL Board will need to look at removing teams from participating. It is that serious. Please note, this is not meant to be a threat of any sort. If we want to see games being played, we must do so carefully and responsibly. These must be kept for minimum 30 days by the home team. Home team - if you do not get this at the beginning of the game, go see the other team admin.....with your mask on. 
I will be following up with home teams on occasion to see this is happening.

4)Team Bench and technical area - I have told referees to ensure this area is kept clear. Team members (registered and with ID Cards) only. It is also the responsibility of the teams to tell those unauthorized people to remove themselves. We as a League do not want to get more involved here and make more rules, just please keep it clear.

5)Changerooms - none to be used at all. Arrive dressed or get changed there. This is a non negotiable part of the return to play.

6)Gathering post game:
Sorry, chalk talk and assessing the positives & negatives of the game, and how awesome a certain goal was just cannot happen.
Absolutely no coolers/pints and watching games.  Sad, but we MUST follow that directive.

I think that is about it for now, stay safe and good luck with everything.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director

Posted 9/24/2020 Ref # 88

2019/2020 Cup FINALS

6 Months after originally scheduled, the VISL Cup Finals were able to take place.
3 Finals were played at Westhills Stadium on Saturday Sept 19, and here are the results.
We also had 2 more Finals on Sunday Sept 27 at Westhills, the Challenge Cup and div 4 Playoff.
Information below as well.

All photos (and PK video) have been posted on Facebook at
Thanks to Kelly Wallace for capturing the memories.  You can also see those pics and more VISL pics at:

The first game of the day featured Mid Isle Mariners vs Prospect Lake Lakers in the George Smith U21 Cup.
The game needed Penalty Kicks as the score was tied at 1-1 after 90'.
Prospect Lake was victorious after the kicks as they scored all 5 to Mid Isle's 4.
Final score was 2-1 for Prospect Lake.
Scoring for Prospect Lake was Michael Raper, and for Mid Isle - Douglas Mtatabikwa.
Game MVP, receiving the Walter Craveiro trophy, was Prospect Lake Keeper - Lucas Cracknell.

Next up on the agenda was the Tony Grover Masters Cup.
Before the game took place, the VISL had a trophy naming ceremony.
The Masters A Divisional trophy has been in play since 1996.
It is now called the David Ravenhill Memorial Trophy.
It was presented to UVic Alumni by the Ravenhill family.
Game wise, UVic Alumni were able to top off their perfect season by edging out Cowichan 49ers by the score of 2-1.
Scoring for UVic was Dean Anderson & Sean Battistoni.
The lone scorer for Cowichan was Tyler Hughes.
Game MVP, receiving the Alex Hylan Memorial trophy, was UVic Keeper Rob McIntyre.

The last game of the day was the 105 year old Sir John Jackson Cup competition Final.
This finished with Nanaimo United slipping by Lakehill FC by the score of 2-1.
Nanaimo goals were scored by Daragh Fitzgerald, and Colin Jacques in the first half.
The single goal for Lakehill was scored by Nico Cristante.
Game MVP, receiving the Denny Girvin Memorial trophy - from Nanaimo, was center back Mike Greenaway.

Here are the Champions who pick up their 2nd Jackson Cup in 3 years.

The Div 4 Playoff trophy was won by Fernwood Utd.
A 1-0 win over prospect Lake Lakers.
The loan goal was score at 88' by Ricardo Villanueva.
Game MVP honours went to Fernwoods Luis Ambriz-Gomez.

In the George Pearkes Challenge Cup Final, an upset of sorts.
After 90' and a 0-0 score, PK's were needed to decide a champion.
An exciting match saw Vantreights defeat Gorge FC by score of 1-0.
Game MVP, hoisting the Kjeld Brodsgaard trophy for multiple selfies - was from Gorge FC, was keeper Cam Turner.

2019/2020 is officially in the books - no COVID winners on any of the trophies.
Well done to all teams !!