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Posted 1/30/2019 Ref # 47

Realtors Nico & Jason Craveiro



This is a great fundraising opportunity that requires no work on your part and is available only to VISL players, staff and board members.

We do all the work.

Use us for your next real estate purchase or sale and upon completion you will receive $1250 plus $250 will go to your team’s account. Or you can simply refer us to a friend, family member or co-worker and upon completion receive $500 plus $250 will go to your team’s account.


Have a great year!

    Nico Craveiro & Jason Craveiro 

Real Estate Advisors

250.516.6426 & 250.588.5458



Only 1 referral paid per sale. All referrals must be in email form prior to our initial contact with the client.              

This program expires December 31,2019. Any transactions in progress at expiry will be honoured.

Posted 1/14/2019 Ref # 46

Cup Draws / Brackets

Sir John Jackson Cup
Est 1915
Defending Champs - Gorge FC

George Pearkes Challenge Cup
Est 1983
Defending Champs - Gorge Us-Guys

Tony Grover Masters Cup
Est 2000
Defending Champs - Cowichan 49ers

George Smith U-21 Cup
Est 2000
Defending Champs - Cowichan United

JV Barnes Div 4 Playoff
Est 1945
Defending Champs - Gorge FC

Posted 1/10/2019 Ref # 45

CSA Concussion Guide

Follow this link;  from the Canada Soccer Association website.
Say hi to Alphozo on the left, then go to:

About, then reference documents, scroll down to medical committee, just under that; the only bullet point is concussions guidelines.

It will take you to this:

Posted 1/10/2019 Ref # 44

Semi Annual / Cup Draw


7:00 PM, JANUARY 14th, 2019


The Strath (Distrikt)




1.       Roll Call – Scott Metson


2.       Accepting of the Agenda – Vince Greco


3.       President’s Report – Jake Nemec


4.       Executive Director Report – Vince Greco


5.       Treasurer’s Report – David Lawes

A) Accounting System & future budgeting

B) Community


6.       Transfer Deadline & Player Signings – Vince Greco


7.       BCSA – Fraser Sim

A)Provincial Cup Berths 2019

B)Team Eligibility per individual Cup

C)VISL & Prov Cup Funding (Crests)


8.       Sponsorship Report – Vince Greco

A)Current partners

B)Individual team opportunities

C)Pacific FC (Presentation)


9.       Paperwork – Vince Greco

A)CRC’s & Parental Liability forms

B)Permits – Intra VISL & Lower Island Youth (LISA)

C)ITC’s & Amateur Reinstatement

D)Transfers & Withdrawals


10.   GVSHOF Update – Bill Murphy


11.   Other Updates – Vince Greco

A) All Star Games

B) Field Scheduling for Cup play


12.   New Business

A) Over 45 Division 2019/2020

B) CSA Concussion Policy

C) Standardized Umbro Ball Proposal (Motion)


13.   Cup Draws  ( x 5 )


14.   Adjournment

Posted 1/1/2019 Ref # 43

Happy New Year

All VISL Administrators and membership, 

Happy New Year !!
Hopefully 2019 is a great year for you personally and with your teams.

Just sending out a quick note to remind all that we have the mandatory league wide meeting for all teams south of the Malahat coming up on Monday January 14 at Distrikt. (The nightclub in the basement of the Strathcona Hotel) 
It will start at 7 pm, doors will open 15 minutes or so earlier so we can get a jump start on teams signing in. 
Administrators or team members are able to sign in for their listed team only.

Besides the main Cup draws, also ongoing items on the agenda:
Director Reports
Transfer deadline (Jan 15)
Provincial Cup Berths
Paperwork reminders (7 items)

Some newer business:
Over 45 Division
Concussion Policy from CSA

1 Proposal from Board:
New Umbro Standardized game ball purchase

If you would like something added to the agenda, please send me an email.

See you on Monday January 14/2019 at the Strath.

Vince Greco
VISL Executive Director