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We have been in existence since 1895, providing an opportunity for organized, structured soccer for all adult men. Our categories; Competitive, Recreational, Masters and U21. Feel free to follow us along on any or all of our social media paths; we love to include the communities in which our membership lives. 

We hope you enjoy exploring our new website, make sure to come back regularly for updates. Oh and be sure to support our tremendous League Sponsors.

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Division 1 - Pool: All
Lakehill FC (D1)1491430191128
Cowichan FC (D1)1283122101227
Mid Isle Mariners (D1)1482435191626
Westcastle United (D1)1281329141525
Nanaimo United FC (D1)1474329171225
Bays United Liquor Plus (D1)1461737241319
Vic West FC (D1)144372120115
Gorge FC (D1)134361623-715
Comox Valley United (D1)1312101140-295
Fernwood Town ET Soccer (D1)1412111054-445
Division 2 - Pool: All
Victoria Highlanders FC (D2)1484234231128
Powell River Villa (D2)149142117428
JDF All Flows (D2)1373324111324
Lakehill FC (D2)1272322121023
Saanich Fusion Bandits (D2)1171332141822
Prospect Lake Lakers (D2)146352322121
Gorge United FC (D2)146082029-918
Nanaimo United FC (D2)133281628-1211
Vic West Vintage Roofing (D2)1220101434-206
Bays United FC (D2)1312101127-165
Division 3 - Pool: A
Prospect Lake Lakers (D3A)15121233161737
Gorge FC (D3A)156542618823
Vantreights FC (D3A)1454534241019
SFFC Matadors (D3A)155462734-719
Fred Milne Park Rangers FC (D3A)156182134-1319
FC Sagres (D3A)134361722-515
Campbell River CERMAQ Golden Wings (D3A)143562526-114
Vic West Wanderers FC (D3A)153571726-914
Division 3 - Pool: B
Gorge Us Guys (D3B)15123070145639
Hellas FC (D3B)14102237231432
Saltspring Alumni (D3B)1472541261523
SFFC Lunch Money (D3B)157263027323
Castaways FC (D3B)144462728-116
Prospect Lake Kal Tire Lakers (D3B)144372030-1015
Peninsula FC (D3B)142482336-1310
Nanaimo United FC (D3B)1410131276-643
Division 4 - Pool: A
JDF Bombers (D4A)13102129161332
SFFC Squadron (D4A)1473432181424
Zgoda Juniors FC (D4A)1373331191224
Fernwood United (D4A)1362529121720
Peninsula FC (D4A)133461527-1213
Gorge FC (D4A)133282222011
JDF Pilgrams (D4A)131391048-386
Division 4 - Pool: B
Cowichan Red Arrow (D4B)14112145103535
Castaways Invicta (D4B)1394049123731
Bays United FC (D4)1364328151322
JDF United (D4B)135441920-119
Lakehill Hooligans (D4B)133192039-1910
SPL FC (D4B)1321101548-337
Prospect Lake Lakers (D4B)1311111654-384
Division U-21 - Pool: All
Mid Isle Mariners (U21)1392232151729
Prospect Lake Lakers (U21)1384134201428
Lakehill (U21)135172727016
Castaways FC (U21)134361932-1315
Cowichan United (U21)133462231-913
Bays United FC (U21)132292130-98
Masters - Pool: A
UVic Alumni (MA)14130159144539
Cowichan 49ers (MA)1312015594636
Gorge FC (MA)1490537172027
CB Red Barn Bobcats (MA)147162923622
Vic West H2X (MA)136252623320
SFFC Forest (MA)145091826-815
Masters - Pool: B
Cowichan Steelheads (MB)147251713423
Prospect Lake Lakers (MB)147252725223
Lakehill Monkey Tree (MB)137151923-422
Fernwood Dragons FC (MB)146441724-722
JDF Ghostfinger Alliance (MB)134182337-1413
Castaways Juniors (MB)141491328-157
Masters - Pool: C
SFFC Internationals (MC)133372735-812
Vic West Academy Dental (MC)133281434-2011
Bays United FC (MC)133191536-2110
CB Bobcats Alumni (MC)13157938-298
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Cup Draws / Brackets
Cup Draws / Brackets
Posted: 1/14/2019
All 5 Cup draws and links drawn at Semi Annual Meeting, Jan 14/2019 at the Strathcona Hotel.
CSA Concussion Guide
CSA Concussion Guide
Posted: 1/10/2019
The latest from CSA regarding concussions.

Semi Annual / Cup Draw
Semi Annual / Cup Draw
Posted: 1/10/2019
Here is the Agenda for the meeting Monday January 14 at 7 PM.

VISL Footballer of the Week

Footballer of the Week:


Masters All-Stars

Dean Anderson – Uvic

Stuart Barker – Cowichan

David Cung – Prospect Lake

Nando Dunic – Uvic

Steven Knoke – Cordova Bay

Andreas Lang – Vic West

Daniel Lauvass – Gorge

Robert McIntyre – Cowichan

Will Moore – Uvic 

Vladimir Music – Gorge

Stef Olcen - UVic

Anthony Porco - UVic

Adam Taft – Cowichan

Neall Rawlings - Cowichan

Tyler Theman – Cordova Bay

George Thomas – Cowichan

Aaron Todd – Vic West

Nour Eddine Zioui – Vic West


Coach – Moreno Stefani – Uvic

Manager – Kevin James - Cowichan

Div 1 All-Stars

Aly Adeeb - Mid Isle

Ryan Ashlee – Bays

Tarnvir Bhandal - Lakehill

Nicolas Budisa – Vic West

Dan Citra – Mid Isle

Dorian Colopisis – Lakehill

Justin Donaldson – Bays

Bobby Eng - Bays

Geoff Hackett – Nanaimo

Mateo Kostering – Mid Isle

Gareth Langdon – Lakehill

Patrick Nelson – Bays

Sam Prette - Saanich Fusion

Adam Ravenhill – Bays

James Rhodes - Bays

Steven Scott – Cowichan

Blair Sturrock – Lakehill

Nolan Wirth – Vic West


Coach – Richard Fast – Bays

Manager – Nico Craveiro – Bays

As we prepare for the restart of League play this weekend, which then turns into the start of Cup play mid February, then Provincial Cup in April, there was 1 last set of games to play out; the All-star games.

The tradition continues, and there was no lack of excitement as the All-star games came to a close this past weekend at Trasolini turf, home of Port Moody Soccer, of the Fraser Valley Soccer League.
We could not have asked for a more gorgeous day, and the park was busy with kids playing some of their matches before the 2 Men's league teams took to the turf.

The 1st game was between the Masters teams of each league.  
They were coached by Moreno Stefani of UVic and Kevin James of Cowichan. We thank them for their efforts.
After 90 minutes, the score was 2-2, so the result of the game needed penalty shots and somehow the Fraser Valley team was able to leave the victor as they scored all 5, while the travelling VISL team only scored 4.
Most in attendance were shocked it went that far as the VISL team carried the play for the majority of the game, but could not capitalize on many opportunities and possession of play.
It even took a late goal for the VISL group to send it to Penalty kicks, a strange game to say the least.
Scoring for the VISL was Dean Anderson of UVic Alumni and Vladimir Music of Gorge FC.
The VISL man of the match honors went to George Thomas of Cowichan 49ers, with honorable mention to Vladimir Music of Gorge.

The 2nd game was the feature match that had All-stars from VISL Div 1 vs the All-stars from FVSL Premier.
This game was looking to be a tough match, especially as some of the Fraser Valley Brass were heard saying that this was the best team they had ever put together.
The VISL team took some extra work to put together unlike how smoothly the Masters team went.
Work commitments, family situations, and players that were last minute missing in action led to some unbelievable shuffling and work by the Coaching Staff.
Led by Richard Fast and Nico Craveiro, they did a fabulous job in putting together a team under tough circumstances.
And do the job they most certainly did.
Against all odds, and by all accounts against what many locals were saying, the VISL squad was victorious and did so in amazing fashion.
The 3-0 win not only secured the Championship trophy, but also gave the VISL the total goals for ratio which secured the overall championship and bragging rights for 1 full year.
The first goal of the game was scored by Bays Utd player Adam Ravenhill.  Not known to be a goal scorer, was in the right place at the right time and put the group up 1-0 at 37'.
Almost right away, another goal - this time by Lakehill's Blair Sturrock. He was able to find the corner of the net while the Fraser Valley might have still been talking about the first goal.
The VISL squad took a 2-0 lead into the changeroom. Very solid half.
A couple great saves by Keeper Nolan Wirth of Vic West - was a treat to see him play like an extra defender back there at times, with excellent communication and control of the box, and top class distribution!
The break came and went, and after bout 15 minutes of play, Fraser Valley seemed to be living in the VISL half. They were controlling the play, and the VISL boys had to do a lot of defending.
Was very impressive to see superb play from not just Ryan Ashlee or James Rhodes of Bays, but also the work from Mateo Kostering of Mid Isle and Bobby Eng of Bays. They were great.
Keeper Geoff Hackett (last years Keeper of the Year) of Nanaimo was called upon to make a couple great saves and needed to control the 18 yard box, he did, and preserved the clean sheet.
As Fraser Valley was pressing, the Coaching Staff knew it was time to send in VISL veteran Steven Scott of Cowichan. They knew he would be the unsung hero in ways, and provide that leadership.
He brought in a burst of energy, and the team was quickly rewarded as he set up the 3rd VISL goal. Probably the youngest player on the field - Nicholas Budisa of Vic West, was sent in, making no mistake after a great first touch, goal.
That sealed the deal with the Vancouver Island team and the fans were stunned.....and quiet.

Game MVP was Ryan Ashlee, the Center Back from Bays Utd. With honorable mention, Nicholas Budisa of Vic West.

The change room stop was brief as Port Moody Soccer Club hosted all 4 teams to their clubhouse.
There was plenty of banter to be had, many ego's took a hit, but it was a good celebration as we all are involved in the beautiful game.

After the MVP presentations were complete, there was 1 more presentation, and that was for a cheque donation to the Charity of Choice by both leagues.
While all teams had no problem battling eachother on the field, it was clear that at the end of the day, there is a special bond that keeps us all involved.
Both Leagues decided to kick start the MS Kick for the Cure with a cheque for $1500.00 total.  Cheque was presented to Kevin James of Cowichan Masters who has been a long time VISL player, and now Coach.
Darcie James (Kevin's wife) was diagnosed with MS many years ago.  They have worked tirelessly to raise funds and awareness for MS, so we all thought it was an easy decision to make the presentation.
Might have been a couple sets of watery eyes as Kevin received the news and addressed the group.
I think at the end of the day, that might have been the best part of the day..............mind you the bus ride home was right up there as well!
The dedication to the program, and willingness of the players, coaching staff, sponsors, and volunteers does not go unnoticed, and is greatly appreciated.

We thank our sponsors for their involvement.
Here is what they helped out with in supporting the program, and in turn allowing us to pass forward to individuals.

We look forward to the games in Victoria next year where we have all our divisions participating and look to add a little surprise as well.

Brought To You By UNITED FOOTBALL; A Collaboration Between VISL, LISA, LIWSA, & Pacific FC.


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